What is the artist today?

Ashlee on Green Cushion Acrylic on canvas, 30″ x 40″

In today’s world,  art seems to have taken a back seat as compared to the days of Da Vinci. In his day, the artist was a respected, even revered person and valued his community. Today the moniker “artist” is likely to conjure up a quirky,  perhaps bizarre individual given to fits of temper, self destructive behaviors or overwhelming self involvement. Most people, if asked, think of artists as people who are “different” from mainstream people.

I don’t think that’s true of course, being an artist. But the life of an artist is anything but normal, especially if the artist in question is in a position of trying to make a living with his or her work. With so little disposable income available to the vast multitude of working people, art is often the very last thing they think of when deciding where to spend money, if they think of it at all. That’s too bad because I believe that art is, or should be, an integral part of every person’s life. It can be a facet of life that gives refuge, solace, and comfort. It can be a mechanism to induce thinking, pondering and questioning. Art is, after all, a reflection of the mind and heart of the person who created it. Does it not follow that by viewing art you can understand more about humanity, good and bad?

I think most artists would agree with me in saying that every piece of art that he or she creates take a piece of their soul. They are trying to express a feeling, something that is important to them. And that, I think is worth the price of admission.